Well Thanks to a Friend...

Well thanks to a friend I have a replacement power supply that seems to be working for the moment. I am also temporarily back online. We'll see how long before I get shut off again.
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Now is the end...

Isn't that a VAGUE subject line! Anyway my other PC's power supply has been dying for a while. I'd just change it out with this one but it's not as powerful as the other one and it won't effectively run what needs to be run to operate the other PC.

SO if anyone happens to have an extra 600w power supply they could loan me until I can get a job and buy a new one; let me know.
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As of today...

As of today I'm officially Unemployed. I also didn't get a job with the place I interviewed with on Tuesday. After spending almost 4 hours there, part of the time waiting, part of the time testing and finally an interview. They said they went with another candidate that better meets their requirements.

So at this point, unless the Temp agency Furst Staffing finds me a job, I'm screwed.
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Well as some of you know...

As some of you know I've been trying to download HL2 from Steam. Well it was taking forever and not going past 96%. So I decided to delete local files and start over. It was zipping along at 1.2MB/s so I started playing a game. When I came back to it about 1 hour later it was at 97% percent and stopped. It's still at 97% and stopped. Steam is bugging the piss out of me at the moment.
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Got a Phone Call...

I got a phone call Earlier this week that I had missed - mostly because I don't check my phone.


I checked the message and it was from a Research place that goes through Ads in different media (not sure exactly what it will be pertaining to). I called them back the other day and got a voice mail box so left a message. They then called me back a couple of hours later. I am going down there on Tuesday the 15th (next Tuesday) to fill out an application and go through an orientation of sorts, also do a bit of testing. There is two shifts available from what the person on the phone said, but I didn't write them down - one starts at 5am and the other ends at 6pm. The pay is $9.25/hr and you won't get a raise until after a year there. It's full time (40hrs/wk) and it isn't all that far from my house. Even though I'm currently making $10/hr, I'm lucky if I get more then 11hrs/week. I figured out at one point in time, to be able to afford where I live now I'd have to make at the very least $8.50/hr (could manage on 8) and get 40hrs/wk). So I should be fine with 9.25. The training is 3 weeks, I forgot to ask if training was paid. We'll see how this goes on Tuesday. If I can start working there the Monday after I loose my current job, everything will work out.

So Wish my luck!
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Well I got some news at work today...

I'm still at work, but I got some news today. The call center where I work is being closed down. Friday April 18th will be the official last day the Call Center will be open. Then I as well as the rest for Furst Person (Call Center branch of Furst Staffing) will be out of a job. I hope I can find something else QUICKLY. It really sucks that I still don't have a car!!!
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Ultima Online...

So I started messing with a UOShard again. Right now I'm working on adding things that I would like to see in the game. Currently I'm working on an Alchemist mod to make it so there are more metals available via Alloys for using in Weapons and Armor. We'll see how it works. If anyone decides they are interested in playing I'll have to provide some patches since I've modified some areas. I can explain how to use the patches (basically its a matter of backing up and replacing files). You'd need to download the Mondain's Legacy client available for free online. Then run the UOUpdate utility until you reach (No higher otherwise it won't work). Download and install a utility called Razor, found at RunUO.com then from there I'll tell people how to connect and provide the files needed for my maps. I'd like to be playing WoW or SWG but I can't afford it so I have to play what I can for free.

Once I hear something back from Lord Dragon about the SEV game I'll probably play that.

Also there is a new patch comming out soon for SEV and Balance Mod. SEV will be increased to 1.70 (atleast with new patch) and Balance mod with be 1.15.

Kinda Given Up on Gurps at the moment...

Since it's been very difficult to try to get people interested in GURPS at the moment and not having a car makes travelling nearly impossible. I've taken to developing a Mod to SPACE EMPIRES V. So far it's working well and we'll see how well it plays.